06 August 2007

Late night lightning, Part II

After I posted last night, I grabbed my camera and took a couple shots. The result was this: my first successful lightning photograph! It's not very good, as I was shooting through a window and my camera's sensor leaves something (a lot) to be desired. There are some who insist that "it's not about the camera" -- and that's true, to a point -- but I am sure a good DSLR would have given me better results last night...

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Rick Lee said...

"but I am sure a good DSLR would have given me better results"

Are you sure? The question is why? If you didn't know how to use the good camera, it probably wouldn't give you better results all on its own. The camera is a dumb hunk of metal, glass and plastic. It's a lot more about the knowledge than it is about the hardware. I know it's easy for me to say that it's not about the camera, because I DO have access to just about any camera you could think of, but most often, my blog posts are done with a pocket camera... because it's more about the knowledge and creativity... and any camera you have WITH YOU is better than the one that's at home. What am I blabbing on about? I don't know.

But anyway... that's a very cool lightning photo! I've been trying to catch one for years!