02 April 2007

I feel his pain

Ian, at Brave New Traveler, posts five reasons why he blogs. I can definitely relate:

1. I can shove my travel experiences in people’s faces

If you wander through the site archives, you may have noticed the occasional place drop here and there, such as “When I was roaming through the Australian Outback,” or “While hanging out in a hammock for two weeks doing little…”

This wasn’t an accident. It was to subtly stir up envy in those readers who have never hit the open road for any length of time, or have traded those days for an office cubicle. It’s a great feeling to bask in smug glory.

4. The name recognition

I used to think being stopped on the street and asked for an autograph would be annoying. But that’s actually the easy part. It’s posing for all the photos that I really find gets in the way.


Rachel said...

Nice Toby, way to rub it in.

Jared said...

Awesome - someone as smug and elitist as you and me, Toby!

Rachel - you're just jealous! See you when we get back from... oh, where was it? Oh yeah - BERLIN!