23 March 2007

Idea: Commission of Dams

Jared and I had this idea a while back. Why we never committed it to writing and sent it to the proper authorities, I'll never know.

With all the dams holding back the water of our nation's rivers, lakes and reservoirs, while at the same time, providing valuable renewable energy to some of our country's most valuable cities (such as Las Vegas), we have decided that there should be a government agency to monitor and inspect these dams. Enter the Commission of Dams (CoD). In order for a dam to be certified, it would have to undergo a rigorous CoD dam inspection. Specially trained CoD dam inspectors would travel to each dam in the country in their CoD dam inspection vehicles. After arriving, wearing the CoD dam uniforms, dam inspectors will ensure the safety of the dam by going through the detailed CoD Dam Checklist. After their inspection, they will hold a CoD dam meeting with the operator of the dam and the CoD Dam Site Director. Only after passing, can the dam be considered a CoD dam. A CoD dam seal will then be placed somewhere on the newly commissioned CoD dam.

For all new dams, the CoD will inspect the site to make sure it is an appropriate location for a new CoD dam. Once satisfied, the CoD dam supervisor can proudly proclaim, "CoD dam it!"

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