07 March 2007

Break Time

Well, I've been working (?!) for most of the morning on lesson plans and I decided I needed a break. One can only read about the Holocaust and develop appropriate ways to teach it for so long. During my break, however, I will make it look like I'm working by typing feverishly away on this post. Woot woot.

This last weekend was disappointingly uneventful. The weather prevented me from doing anything extremely exciting. I did find a new (to me, anyway) and very good wine bar downtown. I'm afraid I'll be spending more money there. The wine is outstanding and the atmosphere is great. A nice place to wind down. The aforementioned jazz club was not playing jazz on Saturday, so that was a bust. And there are not a lot of good bars in downtown Wuerzburg -- that is, unless you enjoy being smoked out and listening to LOUD 80s "hard" "rock." The 80s never died. They just moved to Germany.

But, Susan and I did get our trip to London all hashed out. We have our plane tickets, hotel room booked, tickets for our "flight" on the London Eye, and tickets to The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre! Out of all those, the Phantom tickets were the most expensive, but we're going to be in London and we HAVE to see a show. It was that or watch Harry Potter prance around naked. Should be a fun and busy weekend. Naturally, I will take lots of pictures (or "snaps" as the British call them). It's going to be weird to go someplace where everyone speaks English.

As far as school goes, it's going well. I think I am doing a decent job, but it's difficult to be enthusiastic about it. It's not an easy job and it's so tempting to go out and about in Germany rather than work on lesson plans or grade endless papers. That said, I love the actual teaching part. I really enjoy teaching. It's all the planning and politics and other crap that makes up 85% of the profession. So, it can be frustrating at times. But overall, I enjoy it.

Speaking of planning and other crap, I should get back to work. Catch you later.

PS: I haven't talked about my MacBook in a while. I still love it and am doing my part to convince others here that they need to get one. One student came in this morning and was VERY excited to tell me that she had convinced her mom to get her a MacBook when she goes to college next semester. HA! One down. Many more to go. OK, now back to work.

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