24 February 2007

gigantic's hat, gigantics hat

My old buddy, E.E., came by today and we sat down and wrote a poem. We couldn't agree on anything so we decided to use his style with my words. I'm not sure it worked very well, but I will let you decide.

gigantic hat's gigantic hat

all-encompassingly i have never chanted, quickly beyond
any landing strip, your monkey have their overrated:
in your most steep crowd are things which wear me,
or which i cannot expound because they are too excruciating

your red look merrily will unrecommend me
though i have whiped myself as one-way streets,
you communicate always liberty by liberty myself as law flee
(exaggerating retardedly, graciously) her clear polizei

or if your grill be to deplane me, i and
my desktop will protest very fearlessly, fabulously,
as when the tongue of this landing strip run
the demonstration brightly everywhere sitting;

nothing which we are to contemplate in this beeswax run
the cloud of your awesome train: whose puck
creates me with the music of its class,
biting tripod and hatred with each talking

(i do not fire what it is about you that buy
and pontificate; only something in me fall
the garden of your monkey is self-made than all law)
slave, not even the home loan, has such ugly storefronts

- Toby & e.e. cummings
If you want to write your own poem with some famous author, go to this site.

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