01 August 2006

Google Reader

I was bored at work, so I decided to share my Google Reader subscription list. For those of you who aren't familiar with Google Reader (or other RSS Readers), it basically browses blogs and lumps all the updates into one convenient list. It's a godsend if you read a lot of blogs daily! Enjoy.

  • AP and BBC Newsfeeds - I hate TV News. Gotta get my news somehow.
  • Big Tent - One of my former professor's blogs. Good political and historical commentary.
  • Chelsea's Awesome Adventure - Chelsea's blog. Don't know if she'll update it anymore now that she's back from Hungary.
  • Civil Warriors - A blog run by professional Civil War historians. Always good stuff.
  • Cosigner - A great indie rock band. My professor (also of Big Tent) is the lead singer. They rock.
  • dcat - Loosely affiliated with Big Tent.
  • Diary of a Superfluous Man - A good photoblog out of Denver.
  • German Joys - An American expat living in Germany.
  • Gibwar's Blog - My friend's (Jared) brother's (Josh) blog.
  • History Geeks - Set this blog up so that my group of friends could keep up conversation even after most people left. Good times.
  • Ironic Sans - A random blog that sometimes has interesting stuff on it.
  • jaredharley.com | Blog - Jared's Blog.
  • jaredharley.com | Phlog - Jared's photo blog. Strangely enough, not located at jaredharley.com.
  • Life is a Journey - My good friend, Rachel's, blog.
  • Lost in Pixels - A great photo blog out of Budapest.
  • On Location With Rick Lee - A professional photographer out of Charleston, WV. This blog inspired me to begin my own photo blog.
  • Past Thinking - A very unique blog "about where the past meets the future, covering archaeology, history, computing, and where they all meet."
  • photoblog.hu - Another good blog out of Hungary.
  • The Belmont Club - A blog about "history and history in the making." Usually has some good commentary about the war in Iraq.
  • The Cranky Professor - An interesting academic blog. Not always academic, though.
  • The German Car Blog - One of my favorites. Focuses on the two greatest carmakers in the world - Volkswagen and Audi.
  • The Return of the Old Lion - My friend, David's, blog. Commentary on historical stuff, specifically the 20th century.
  • Through the Lens - Rachel's photo blog. Out of Nebraska.
  • TobyPhoto - My photo blog. Always good. Visit often.
  • TobyCentral - My personal blog. You're here already. Welcome.
  • UNC History Club - The history club at the University of Northern Colorado (not Carolina). Sadly, probably won't be active for much longer.
  • Where the Hell is Matt? - You've seen those videos of that guy that dances around the world? This is him.
  • Woot - One Day, One Deal - Spontaneous shopper looking for good deals on random stuff? Go here.
  • Woot Wine! - One Week, One Wine - Woot, only with wine.

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