28 June 2006

Three to five days, my foot

I chose standard shipping on Amazon.com when I ordered my camera the other day. Standard shipping is supposed to take three to five business days. So, since they shipped my camera on Tuesday, it would seem reasonable to expect the camera anywhere from this Friday to next Wednesday (considering the holiday weekend). But, according to DHL (Motto: "Hopefully Your Neighbors Are Trustworthy"), it won't get to me until 06-11. July.

Also, according the the tracking information, my camera departed Nevada for California. Then it flew OVER me to get to Ohio. I realize that shipping companies have distribution centers they need to go through, but this seems rather ridiculous. At this rate, it'll go through Berlin, New Delhi, and Japan before it finally reaches me. I should have spent the extra $20 for overnight service. StupidDHL.

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