04 May 2006

Bad News

My teeth hurt. Send flowers.

I've been putting off getting my wisdom teeth pulled for a long time now (more than two years), and they are really bothering me now. So, I set up an appointment at the oral surgeon for Tuesday, the 23rd. Finally getting the stupidwisdomteeth pulled. Not looking forward to it, as dentistry makes me woozy, but it will be nice to finally be rid of this hassle. Who the hell decided that they should be called wisdom teeth. That was dumb.


Jared said...

    __\|| /__

Jared said...

It looks much better (as good as ASCII-art can look, that is) on the pop-up window compared to below the log entry.

Rachel said...

That's a very nice flower jared.

Paula :) said...

Good luck! I have been there....and wish it only on my enemies!

Lorraine said...

hope all goes well with your teeth... i have to get mine pulled one of these days too, but i always put it off. you let me know how that all goes!