05 April 2006

Poor Bunnies

It's a tough, tough world for bunnies these days. Whether they aren't getting lucky, or in danger of being eaten, bunnies are facing some hard times.

And what's worse, the most famous bunny of all, the Easter Bunny, isn't even safe! I got this advertisement from The Melting Pot tonight. The poor chocolate Easter Bunny is being boiled alive! Just so someone can enjoy their Cottontail Fondue. Oh the bunny-anity!

Won't somebody please think of the bunnies.


Jared said...

You're an idiot, but I got that email too. And that's Little Cotton Foo-foo, not Cottontail - geez!

Rachel said...

Actually Jared its Little Bunny Foo Foo. And you're so good Toby, always thinking of the poor downtrodden bunnies, and spreading the word of their perilous plight. We're better for knowing you.

Toby said...

Sorry, Jared, but you're wrong. I am indeed "so good," and not "an idiot." Also, that's not Peter Cottontail (sadly, he had a run-in with the farmer's pitchfork -- a common sad problem I didn't mention in my post -- and is currently in bunny intensive care), nor is it Little Bunny Foo Foo. It's the Easter Bunny.

I've been invited to his funeral, which will conclude a four course meal. "A delectable assortment of fruits and cakes" will be provided for our mourning pleasure. *sniff*

Jared said...

No, it's not Little Bunny Foo Foo, because he's hopping through the forest, scooping up all the field mice and bopping them on their heads right now. It's Little Cotton Foo Foo (his younger and tastier little brother).

Rachel said...

Oh you are right! They look so much alike. Don't cry too much Toby. He really did have a long full life, and he brought so much chocolate joy to people around the US that I'm sure he wouldn't mind going out with a four course meal ending with "A delectable assortment of fruits and cakes"