22 April 2006

How badly do you want 'em?

Major TobyPoint opportunity. But these are ExTREME TobyPoints, so you have to earn them!

Write a 1-page essay about me. Good or bad, I don't care. But you have to use proper spelling and grammar. Send it to me by Saturday, 29. April.

This one is worth A LOT of TobyPoints. Are you game?

It's been brought to my attention that this might have been asking too much of my friends. So, just say something about me in comments, and maybe, just maybe, I'll throw some TP your way.


-C- said...

Toby is absolutely, positively, and without a doubt the only person I know who would ask his friends to write an essay about him. Also, he is sincerely the most genuine, kindest, and giving person I've ever known.

I score TobyPoints.

Rachel said...

Toby is an excellent friend. He has a wonderul sense of humor, and usually great taste in wine (unless he gets creative and drinks wine named after fish anatomy). Toby also has one of the best furnished, cleanest bachelor pads I've ever seen. I think that says a great deal about his character.

Jared said...

Jared is a caconym for Toby.