08 March 2006

Education Portfolio. Yay.

In case I haven't fully conveyed to you the idiocy of the education program, or in case you need further proof, allow me to expand.

Yesterday, we had our first portfolio check. In the UNC STEP program, portfolio is another word for "crap you've collected and crammed into an oversized binder." They keep insisting that interviewers do ask to see your portfolio, but everyone I've talked to who has completed the program says they have never once used it in an interview. And to add to the pointlessness of the whole thing, I cannot have any loose sheets in it. Everything has to be in a plastic sheet protector. I'm sure this will prove useful. I can just see it now; me, sitting at an interview:

"So, I see you have a portfolio there, Mr. Partridge. Is it waterproof?"
"No, just water resistant."
"Goodbye. Don't call back."
"Damn, should have gone with the super-heavy-duty protectors..."
Also, we had a seminar last night on classroom management. Seems like a good idea, but the only thing we did was draw stick figures to show how to be assertive to elementary school kids. We had to draw this scene: "Now Johnny, but Emmitt the clown puppet would rather be with his friends."

I'm sure that'll come in handy for my high school history class.


Tanis said...

Hahahahahaha! Have fun! Hahahahahaha

-C- said...

I don't know...those waterproof portfolios might come in handy for that underwater basket weaving class you might have to sub. Also, I think it keeps dirty fingerprints off paper corners over time and also prevents paper wrinkleage... Still, spending money on plastic sheets for papers that are being put in a binder that maybe 5 people on Earth will see? Yes, I agree: futile.

Rachel said...

heehee I heard Randi and Lori make the exact same complaints that you are making now. I even helped Randi put together the pointless (and endless) folder that she never used, and infact I think we burned all of the papers in it. I helped her type some of the papers too so that we could go play frisbee outside. Yea have fun with that pointless part of the program.