26 February 2006

Paging Dr. Freud

I don't know why I had this dream, as it's been a very long time since I've seen Alien.... I was in the movie, and of course, my crew and I are charging the alien, guns ablazing, losing unimportant crew members, running away from the alien, devising clever ways to kill it, lather, rinse and repeat. Naturally, nothing we're doing is coming even remotely close to killing the alien, and what's worse, it's reproducing. Like rabbits, they are!

So, after going to sleep in my dream (I wonder what a dream dreamt in a dream would be like...), I woke up in what appeared to be an old hostel (no, I haven't seen the movie, so I doubt it bore any resemblance to the hostel in the movie Hostel) in the middle of the woods. I stepped outside into the hallway, and was relieved that the old rickety door was still held in place by a padlock. Whew, I must have thought, I'm glad no alien's going to get through THAT! I stepped into another room, where two of my crew members were having nervous breakdowns (probably because of the threat of imminent death by alien). I didn't think anything of it, so I stepped back into the hallway and looked out the window, where I saw an assortment of woodland creatures, including gorillas, hippopotami and stegosauri.

I stepped outside, and saw three creatures, who looked like a cross between a bear and a monkey, with arms made out of wood (I know this, because the alien had bitten one of their arms off, and it had splinters), carrying food into their cottage. So I asked them if they had any idea how to beat this alien. "Of course," they said, "the aliens are alcoholic. Just give them lots of alcohol!" I decided to give it a try, because if you can't trust little wooden-armed monkey-bears, whom can you trust?!

So, for the rest of my dream, my crew members and I laid alcohol traps for the alien(s). I don't know if any of them were successful, as I woke up before the alien got to any of them.

Weird dream. Not sure what brought it on. Might have been that Marble Mocha Macchiato I got at Starbucks last night. Mmmmm boy!


Dr. Sigmund Freud said...

Yes, hallo, zis is Dr. Freud. I see zat you are having very strange dreams. I find zis to be interesting, and I zink zat I know za cause. It is quite obvious zat you need to get laid. You have much built up sexual frustration, and it is important zat you release it. I am prescribing you 1 woman, to which you are to have sex vith. Zis will stop za dreams. Alzo, no more Starbucks before bed! Zis will help as vell.

On a zide note, I do not understand za "sinking" video - vat are zose people on za radio sinking about?!?!

Rachel said...

Clearly you are terribly afraid of something; the alien represents your fear, perhaps of the future, maybe graduation. The old rickety door held in place by the padlock is clearly college, or maybe Greeley, keeping you safe, but only for the moment. The odd woodland creatures are your acquaintances at UNC mayhaps? The three bear-monkeys probably represent your closest friends, there to help you get ride of or overcome your fear (the alien) with alcohol. All the friends must be very much alike since they all take the same form in your dream. You woke up before you knew if you were successful because you are not sure whether you will get over your fear or not. In time when you make the choice to conquer your fear perhaps the dream will return and you will realize that the aliens are in fact dead of alcohol poisoning...

Jared said...

Maybe you were just thinking about Aliens and your mind decided you needed some adrenaline flowing. Sorry, but your dream doesn't mean anything.