07 February 2006

Long time, no post!

Hello, O loyal TobyFans! I know it's been a long time since I've any kind of substansive post. Truthfully, though, I don't have too much to update you on. I've been really busy with seven-day weeks (sometimes it feels like eight), but there's nothing really exciting. I'm in the midst of the teaching program, which can best be described as tedious. It can be frustrating at times, listening to the instructers tell about how every kid is equal (when, they, in fact, are not) and how everything should be kumbaya and peaches and cream and blech! Everyone I've talked to who is in teaching and has gone through this program tells me that they rarely use anything from it. So, I'm just grinning and bearing it. Just need that piece of paper that says I can teach.

There is one, very positive aspect to the program. They require I sit and observe in a high school setting. My host teachers realize how dull this can be, so they've actually let me do some one on one work with the kids. It is so cool to see that light go on upstairs when they finally grasp a concept! And today, I actually got to teach! Nothing major, but the kids are signing up for classes for next semester (already!) and I got to teach them how to do it. It's a start, hm?

I'll try to keep up with this blog, as it can be therapeutic (see last post) and if you're in town, maybe I can scare up some free time to hang out!


Also, don't forget to check out the History Geeks Blog. I like to post interesting stuff there from time to time!

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Rachel said...

Toby! I have an excellent way for you to appreciate the smaller things, while still maintaining your excitment about German. Restaurant Week is coming up in Denver...hooray hooray. You can eat a mulit-course meal at all the upscale fancy, and very classy restaurants in Denver. Just another thing to make you smile!