11 January 2006

Hey. Long Time No See!

Greetings, O loyal TobyFans! I know, it's been a long time since my last serious post. (For those of you who forgot, my last post was a hilarious blonde joke. Check it out.)

Since you last read, I've been pretty busy with things. Christmas was great. Spent the time with friends and family. My aunt, uncle and cousins just moved to Monument (just north of the Springs), so it was fun to be able to spend the holidays with some extended family. My brothers and I found a great money-saving gift for the whole family: Turns out, all four of us can sing fairly well. So, we strangled some cats sang some a cappella for the family. Everyone said we sang very well, though I'm sure they were just being polite. I had a fairly lucrative holiday. Most of my gifts are helping to make my apartment a lot less bacheloresque: A framed print from a 1920s Berlin railroad poster, a nice big butcher block table (to extend my counter space and give me a place to eat), and a print of a Civil War scene that was commissioned by my dad's graduating class at the US Army War College in Carlisle. It's a limited edition and is worth quite a bit. I'm still waiting on the framing and matting supplies to get to Hobby Lobby before I hang it up. I got a lot of other stuff, but in the interest of time and space (also, the Avs game is on), I'll skip over it. But thanks to everyone who got me something!

Then, on New Year's, some friends and I got a cabin in the mountains on the backside of Pike's Peak. We spent the evening playing games and stuff in the cabin, then rang in the New Year soaking in the hot tub, drinking champagne, star gazing, and watching the glow of the Pike's Peak fireworks off the clouds. If you're still reading, end your comment by saying "Coo Coo Cachoo!" and I'll give you a TobyPoint, just for bearing wth me! Great way to ring in the New Year!

School started on Monday, so I'm back to the grinding stone. I'm done with my history major and I'm finally starting on my education classes. While this semester is going to be far less intellectually challenging than past semesters, it looks like I'll be getting plenty of busy work to keep me…um…busy. But I'm excited, because I've now begun, in earnest, my road to Germany. The education advisor told me I have a great chance to be accepted into DoDs, so I'm stoked. Just gotta make it through year.


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