15 November 2005

The Glove Compartment isn't Accurately Named

It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been really busy. You'd think I'd have more to report on, but I really don't. It's twenty after three in the morning and I'm at work, so I am attempting to keep myself awake by blogging. Also, drinking Red Bull, which seems to be a bit more effective than the former. Tough grave shift, as it was unexpected and it's coming after a wild weekend (by my standards at least)!

On Friday, Rachel, Carrie, Chelsea, and I went to Denver to hang out. I needed a weekend off as I've been under more stress than a fat person's waistband lately with my 25-page paper and numerous other papers and readings and tests and work [This sentence brought to you by the Coalition Against Commas]. So, we hung out in LoDo (where, apparently, the sewer elk are hunted by the sewer wolves) and ate dinner at the Old Basgetti Factory. Mmmmm, boy! After dinner, we went to Dave and Buster's for some drinks and games. Turns out that my ability to trap lights between two glowing bars is rivalled only by Carrie's ability to push tokens off a ledge. We both ended up with tons of coupons that can be used to purchase pointless valuable D&B kitsch. My goal is the cocktail shaker.

On Saturday, I had to work at the last football game of the season where, I once again strived (or possibly, strove) to prove that the Command Center was a complete waste of time, energy, and money a valuable asset to our officers at the game. Also, I got paid a lot to be there. Then, on Saturday evening, Rachel and I picked up some wine and movies, ordered pizza and got very verschnockered. We also concocted a new concoction. Mix one part Leninade with one part Vodka and Presto (meaning, "lookey here")! A DDR. And if you even think that DDR stands for "Dance Dance Revolution," give me a call and I'll come over and hit you over the head with a tack hammer! What DDR stands for is "Deutsche Demokratische Republik," which was the official name of East Germany. We altered it to stand for "Deutsche Drunken Red." You see, Red because the drink is red. Also, Communism. It was much better than we were expecting. Too bad Leninade's so expensive. Fun night.

Then, on Sunday, I went to a wine tasting at John and Paula's. Always fun. I ordered a Tango Cream, which puts Bailey's Irish Cream to shame, and a couple bottles of German sparkling white wine (not champagne!).

Well, one doesn't get to have this much fun on a weekend without paying for it. Or at least, I don't. Yesterday evening, I got nailed with one of my rare, but severe migraines. It took me a few hours to finally find a position to sleep in so that it didn't feel like someone was driving a dull stake through my forehead. But I did finally get to sleep and was fine this morning.

...which brings me to now. I'm at work. I'm exhausted. Only about 3 hours to go. Red Bull is my friend.

Update: Check out Rachel's blog for stuff I left off.

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