23 November 2005

Back at it...again and again...

Once again, you think I'd learn. But, once again, you'd be wrong! I'm pulling another all-nighter to work on papers. Woo! I'm on a million and half milligrams of caffeine and a bit wired. Woot. I'm almost done with my 25-pager and then I've got a measly 5-pager. It'll probably be an all-nighter. Gotta love procrastination. I've got it down to an artform. Tomorrow (or later today, in my case) I have to meet with Clinefelter to turn in my 5-pager. Going to have her glance over my 25-pager (mainly to check for footnote-consistency) and then to turn in the big one. Then I'll be done with the bulk of the work for the semester. Yay. I have class until 6:35pm tomorrow, so I won't be headed home for Thanksgiving until early Thursday morning. OK, back to work.

PS: Footnote consistency?! Did I honestly write that in my blog?! God, I'm such a geek!

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