29 August 2005

The drama continues...

Well, the drama of my college career seems to be unending. I might not graduate in December! I will probably end up putting it off (again) and graduate in May. But Toby, you ask, won't this affect your Germany plans? I'm glad you asked that, because no, it won't . I could graduate in May, but it would require me to get an A in two German classes this semester -- a feat I am quite capable of, but if I slip in the slightest and get a B in even one of them, I'm screwed. Also, it'll be cheaper for me if I can take the teaching classes as an undergraduate rather than a "quasi-graduate" student. So, I still have some logistics to figure out -- by midnight tonight, of course (would you expect any less of me?) -- but as it looks now, graduation might be put off for a bit, but I'm still on track to teach in Germany in December '06!

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