10 July 2005

New VW Models

My 2 cents worth: As you may or may not know, VW is in the midst of releasing a brand new line up of cars. The old Jetta model (2000-2005) has already been replaced with a sleaker-looking, more modern Jetta. The current Passat is going to be replaced with a new Passat. It's been no secret that I am not a fan of the new Jetta. While VW has added a ton of features to it and made the new model look sleaker, they have done away with my favorite thing about VW: its uniqueness. The old Jetta and Passat were very unique cars. They had a character to them that was distinctly VW. The new Jetta looks just like the Toyota Corolla. Sadly, Volkswagen has given in to corporate interests. Rather than keeping their own style, they have gone with what's popular. I suppose that's the smart business thing to do, but they have lost a lot of character.

The new Passat is a piece of art. The engineering that has gone into it is nothing short of amazing. But again, it doesn't feel or look like VW. It looks like an Audi (which are beautiful cars and I live for the day I can get one). The name, Volkswagen, means "people's car." VW is sacrificing this image for a more luxurious feel to their car which, sadly, takes away the fun aspect of VW I love so much. They want VW to be up there with Audis, which is a shame. If I wanted an Audi, I'd get one. But for now, I want a Volkswagen. I want to have fun, so I'm sticking with the "old" design, which ironically, seems younger...

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