21 July 2005


Hey. It's just after 2:00am, and I'm wide awake. Got a lot on my mind (nothing too terribly bad, thankfully) and got bitten by the Wanderlust bug....again. So, I'm surfing the net, blogging...trying anything to make me bored and tired enough to go to sleep...

So...what has happened since my last blog...? My boss offered me the dispatcher position at the Command Post for all the UNC home football games. From what I can tell, I'll be dispatching 40+ UNCPD, GPD, security personnel, and medical personnel at the games. UNC just moved up to Division I, so I guess they have decided that this is necessary. Not that I'm complaining... I'll be making $15-20 an hour doing it - a source of endless nagging by my fellow student employees at the department.

Other than that, things are just going normally here in Greeley. Played in a Texas Hold'em touney at John's place tonight...came in second, winning $10 on top of the original $20 I put in (grand total of $30 for all you math majors our there). We're having a wine tasting at John's on Saturday, so that should be fun...even if I am too poor to afford a lot. I'll be able to buy at least one bottle though.

I wonder what's on TV at this hour...

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