19 June 2005

Pleasant Surprise

So, last night -- actually, the night before last (working graves messes with my perception of time) -- just before I was going to head in to work the graveyard shift, Chelsea called me. Turns out Colorado Springs is so boring... *How boring, you ask?* It's so boring that she and her friend, Carrie, were thinking about driving the two hours up to Greeley to find something to do. So they did. They decided to do this at about 11:00pm, so by the time they got here, it was almost 2:00am. They hung out with me at dispatch, where we watched Kinsey (Good movie, if a little bizarre, twisted and disturbing at times), ate Silvermines and had a blast keeping each other awake until 7:00. Then we went back to my place and crashed until about 1:00pm. I let the ladies sleep on my bed while I slept on the floor. What a guy, hm? And then (an den an den...), we went to Echo (a sushi restaurant), where Chelsea had her first experience with sushi. We then went swimming back at my apartment complex. After showering, we went to dinner at The Shack. One word about that restaurant: TERRIBLE. If you have one near you, don't bother. Chelsea and Carrie then came with me back to dispatch tonight and started back home at about 3:45am. So, what was going to be just a typical Saturday turned out to be a ton of fun. Woot woot!

PS: Wow. That's a lot of links. I was bored.

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