12 June 2005

Airshow, Renaissance, etc...

Wow. My first post in June isn't coming until almost two weeks into the month. Just haven't felt like blogging, I suppose. Nothing has really changed in the past couple weeks. Money's a little tighter than it was, but I guess that tends to happen in college.

So let's see...what did happen? Last weekend, I went back down to the Springs, where I learned that they were having an airshow at Peterson Air Force Base. Chelsea, Joey and I went and had a blast. The coolest demonstration was probably the rare formation of the WWII-era P-51 and the modern F-15. Pretty impressive. This was the first time they had the airshow since 9/11. It's nice that the Air Force is so open about letting people climb up into their planes and check out some of our most powerful weapons. It also is reassuring that if anybody wants to mess with us, they have to get past our military first. And from what I saw last Saturday, that's pretty tough to do.

Then last week happened.

Then yesterday, Jared, Tanis and I went to the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur. I wasn't really excited about it at first, as I've been to the festival every year for about the past four years, and nothing had changed. Same jokes, same shops, same terrible fake English accents. But Jared and Tanis invited me along, so I went. Thankfully, this year, there were enough changes to make it fun again. And what an educational experience it was. I learned that those were simpler times, when people had tails, fairy wings, horns, and little dragon-like creatures on their shoulders. Their diet consisted mainly of turkey legs, cheesecake on a stick and ice cream sandwiches. And just about every shop began with "Ye olde." Also, a storm trooper from Star Wars. We had fun, but one can only take so much of those terrible accents. I don't plan on going next year, but I'll probably end up going again.

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