03 April 2005

Well, as the title implies, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Kelley and I found a place to live. After a long day of driving all around Greeley and Evans, trying to find a decent place that won't slaughter our bank accounts, we decided on the Gateway Place Apartments. They're beautiful apartments less than five miles off campus. They offer a ton of amenities, allow pets (good for Kelley) and have garages (good for my Jetta). The price is a little more than I'm paying per month now, but it'll be worth it to move off of this busy street and to get a little further from all of the loud parties. We're really excited to move in next month!

Now the bad news... (not like you didn't know it was coming!) Because I failed to take into account putting down a deposit on an apartment this month, sadly, I have to put off my car for another month (no foolin' this time). I guess it could be worse. I just have to push through April and the first part of May, and everything should be turning up Milhouse (going well, for all you non-Simpsons fans)!

So in sum... The Good: apartment. The bad: no car until May.

And the Ugly? Orangutans. I mean, would you date one? I wouldn't.

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