12 April 2005

This week: so far, so good...

Well, so far, this week has been pretty good. And it looks like it will be getting even better! The last couple days, I didn't do much, but two of my big papers' deadlines were pushed back by a few days. I get a few more days to put off work! Tomorrow, the police department is celebrating 1) its student employees and 2) National Telecommunicator's Week. As Jared, Kelley, and I fit into both categories, we get two times the recognition. Funny thing is, two times as much recognition looks just like singular recognition. Bummer.

On Thursday, I have something very interesting planned. I can't say what it is, because I know the person for whom this surprise is intended might very well stumble upon this blog. If it's you, HAHA: You're not getting any answers here! Muahahahahaha!

Then on Saturday, our history group is finally meeting! WOOHOO! We haven't met in a very long time, so it'll be nice to hang out with all of you history geeks again!

Of course, I'll see at least one of you on Thursday! HAHAHA!

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