10 April 2005

No, the university is not closed, yes we do have classes...

...is about all I've said today. I got called into work this morning because the dispatcher was being swamped with calls from people wondering if there was going to be school tomorrow. Of course, once I got here, things were dead quiet...and the afternoon dispatcher called in, so I got suckered in to work until 10:00 tonight.

The big winter storm to hit Colorado that you have all probably seen on the news has decided to give Greeley a miss, for the most part. We have some snow here but there is no accumulation on the roads or anything. So, as of right now, the University remains open. Unfortunately for anyone who went home for the weekend, the rest of Colorado is just about completely socked in by this storm. I think classes tomorrow will be pretty empty. Hopefully, all of my professors live far away and won't be able to make it.

I'm tired of typing.

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