09 January 2005

A shocking day...

Well, this is it: my last post as a free man. Tomorrow I'll find myself burdened with the shackles of higher education. OK, so it's not that bad, but I was just getting used to not having stuff do and being able to wake up whenever I wanted... poor me. Anyway, I spent my last day preparing myself for school by doing, for the most part, nothing. I did, however get my room cleaned...again. I have a hard time keeping it clean, it seems. But, as my title implies, I did have a little scare today. I plugged in my VW sign and all of a sudden, the plug decided that it no longer wanted to be part of the power cord and proceeded to remove itself by shooting off sparks until it had burned itself apart from the sign-power cord assembly. [I apologize for the overly creative description. When stuff like this is the most exciting thing that happens, you have to flower it up a bit...] So, now I have to fix it. Although, I think I will take this opportunity to install a switch on it. I know...it's a sad day when this kind of thing warrants a blog post. What's even more sad? I took a picture of it! Gotta love the novelty of new toys!

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